Sales Dealer


The Celer Sales Dealer is a core product designed for clients looking to access a full range of markets and asset classes, with a maximum level of functionality and flexibility.

who is this for?
  • Sell Side

  • Buy Side

  • Execution Brokers

  • Global Clearers & Prime Brokers

What are the benefits?
  • Multi-asset class

  • Full price and trade facilities

  • Branding and white label opportunities

Multi Platform

Available across desktop, web, and mobile, with varing degrees of functionality depending on specific requirements.


This trading client gives a complete range of market data, execution and allocation functionalities which can be customised to meet an individual client's requirements. The ability to distribute this trading client on a Global basis elevates this module to one of the core range of Celer UI's.

A key feature is the ability to execute orders "on-behalf-of" clients, making it the distinctive choice for Global execution and sales teams covering their own diverse range of clients.

The Sales Dealer and Market Trader are linked trading clients with similar access levels and coverage metrics, but with a varied range of order types depending on the trading structure of the individual client.

  • Full range of products and markets

  • Complete asset class coverage

  • Global order book

  • Full range of order types

  • Launch proprietary algorithms

  • Trade on behalf of clients

  • White label functionality

  • Integrate internally and externally

  • Reporting and analytics capabilities