Celer will now offer a new service to clients which leverages the most advanced execution algorithms from itarle AG, further extending the trading efficiencies offered through Celer. This service can be offered as a cloud or locally hosted solution.


The Celer platform will give traders the ability to create child and parent orders via itarle, and have them route directly via their existing memberships or via itarle. Our powerful OMS will translate the message and help provide risk management to every algorithmic order.


itarle AG (itarle), the leading independent provider of multi-asset algorithmic trading, Smart Order Routing (SOR) and Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) services, today announced the availability of their optimised execution algorithmic strategies through the multi asset OMS and EMS platform from Celer Technologies (Celer). These algorithms have been built from the ground up using individual market microstructure properties for a fully tailored and adaptive execution service.

At a time when market participants are increasingly adopting algorithmic trading strategies, this partnership sees itarle continuing to lead by example in successfully integrating its services across a multitude of asset classes and product lines.

Paul Lynch, CEO of itarle commented “Cultivating new relationships with the leading OMS and EMS providers is a logical extension to our services and we are very much looking forward to working with Celer.” He added, “our clients will benefit from access to an extended range of markets and additional asset classes through the advanced platform that Celer provides.”

Ben Cuthbert, Chief Executive Officer, of Celer says: “we are delighted to be able to offer a new service to our clients that leverages the most advanced execution algorithms from itarle,” he continued “these algorithms will further extend the trading efficiencies offered through Celer.”

itarle provides algorithms for trading on over 70 futures & options, fixed income, FX and equity exchanges globally. The unique itarle service enables clients to trade using their own exchange memberships and a range of connectivity channels.