Celer Technologies Has a Winning Trading Strategy

August 2012

Celer Technologies is a global financial software company with extensive knowledge in the financial technology sector. Inspired by clients locked in rigid third party trading systems, Celer’s management was determined to create a flexible and reliable software framework optimized for speed and adaptability. The resulting product was an end-to-end Java-based financial trading framework featuring a rich client interface developed in JavaFX, within six months of choosing the RIA technology to be used in this project.

Given the opportunity to build a new client application from the ground up, Celer chose JavaFX after evaluating other RIA technologies. Both Swing and Adobe Flex were discarded, since Celer did not want to invest in technologies with limited growth prospects. Google Web Toolkit (GWT) was another contender Celer looked at closely. However, given the fact trading systems need to process tens of thousands of orders on a daily basis, GWT and other browser-based solutions were discarded as they don’t offer the same level of performance as desktop applications. Celer decided to start evaluating JavaFX in December 2011, and an initial prototype reached completion in March 2012. The final product, based on JavaFX 2.1, became available in May, just 5 months after the initial decision to evaluate a Java solution; it has already been updated to take advantage of new features and bug fixes introduced in JavaFX 2.2.

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